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BrainControl Avatar allows all people with particular mobility difficulties, first and foremost, to visit independently sites of various interest such as exhibitions, installations or museums. To interact with the surrounding environment, to observe the objects nearby, also thanks to the technological functionalities with which it is equipped (it is possible to adjust audio, video, and height of the visual field independently). Besides, the monitor and on-board speakers allow the remote visitor to be visible from a distance, if desired, giving space to a personification of the Avatar that allows people around them to interact with him, establishing a new and lively communication between people on-site and the person connected remotely.

SIENA – Santa Maria della Scala museum

The Santa Maria della Scala in Siena is the first museum to be equipped with BrainControl Avatar, an inclusive access service dedicated to people with mobility difficulties. In fact, through BrainControl Avatar, the visitor will be able to admire the historical, architectural, artistic, and functional complexity of the building, the extraordinary works preserved in it, the functional and assistance spaces that are placed side by side with those linked to the hospital artistic story. To access this service it is necessary to make a reservation request.

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