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BrainControl is aimed at people with pathologies that completely paralyze (Locked-in) or in part the person, but do not affect their intellectual abilities, such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), multiple sclerosis and many cases of ischemic or traumatic tetraplegia . It can also be used by blind people, thanks to audio feedback.

The system interprets thoughts related to imagined movements: forward, back, right, left, etc. It uses the same brain signals that precede the movements we perform with our body but the real movement capacity of our muscles is not necessary. It works by reading brain waves using EEG sensors and does not use facial muscles or head movement.

No, BrainControl cannot interpret all kinds of thoughts. For example, it cannot make a direct interpretation of no/yes or hot/cold thoughts. The interpretation passes through a thought of an imagined movement through which the desired choice is selected.

BrainControl can be used by almost anyone. It only requires complete cognitive and hearing ability (sight is not required) and the desire to use thoughts related to movement as a “mental joystick”. BrainControl does not require physical movement, making it usable even for people in complete Locked-in (CLIS).

If the user does not have cognitive impairments, setting the configuration parameters in an appropriate manner with respect to the level of training and to the user’s physiological capabilities, the margin of error can be considered close to zero.

Yes, since the hardware components consist of a wireless headset and a tablet PC. The outdoor use has no contraindications.

The training is carried out in one-hour sessions. In many cases, one/two sessions are sufficient, but it is good to provide six sessions during the first two months. The assistance / training sessions can be carried out both on-site, if specifically indicated on the order form, and remotely. The latter will be conducted via videoconference.

We have provided for that purpose the possibility to activate a service mode on two-month trial period.

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