ISAAC 2016

We presented a new scientific paper at the International Society of Alternative Augmentative Communication Conference (ISAAC 2016)

BrainControl published the results of a study conducted from 2012 to 2015 entitled “Results of 3 years study of BCI-based communicator for advanced ALS patients” during the event of the International Society of Augmentative Alternative Communication “Bringing us Together” 2016.

The aim of the study was to verify the efficacy of the Braincontrol BC as an AAC device and to validate the training methodology with regards of ALS patients in locked-in state.
The study was conducted on two groups: one of 34 ALS patients and another of 63 healthy users. The results of this observation confirm that the device, after the first phase training, is efficient and robust for both patients and heealty users. Only 2 of 34 patients located in the ALS patients group failed the training. In particular, these 2 patient were in completely locked-in state, in which cognitive status information where unknown.

Below the abstract and link to the full paper:



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