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9 June 2020

Between masterpieces of art and technology at the highest levels, my experience was also that of a visit “made to measure” for a child, my daughter, 7 years old, at the helm of the avatar. It was a unique experience, never done before. Above all, an experience that, in the times we lived in the Covid emergency in which the virtual has become more than ever part of our lives, shows how the future also passes from here. The peculiarity is an avatar with “soul”, thanks to the possibility of interacting, and even more, since certain details in reality are sometimes almost invisible to the eyes. And the fact that everything from frescoes to high tech is made in Italy.


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6 May 2020

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian.

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5 May 2020

During this ‘tour’ in the S Maria della Scala Museum I asked myself:

will this be the new tourism?

A tour guide guided me through the museum of Santa Maria della Scala in Siena.
I was not there, but my avatar (kind of monitor on a some sort of segway) was. I controlled the avatar from home (Rome, 250 km away) and was also able to zoom in sharply on 15th century frescoes with the explanation of the (living) guide.

Lucia is her name. The guide’s, not the avatar’s.

I came to this during research into Braincontrol, an Italian startup. The company that has developed a device that gives patients with severe disabilities the control of their life.


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8 April 2020

Thanks for the wonderful visit!

The project is truly commendable and constitutes a significant step forward in breaking down the barriers, both physical and otherwise, for the disabled.

Being the protagonists of such an immersive experience, also thanks to the prepared and available guides, canceled the feeling of coldness and detachment that virtual tours of cultural heritage usually leave in the visitor.


Patients & Family
9 April 2019

Thank you very much … we really changed our life ..


D. D.

Patients & Family
20 October 2017

Science fiction became real. Thanks to Pasquale Fedele and his team (Liquidweb), also TOP in robotics


M. S.

Doctors & Professionals
12 August 2017

This tool facilitates communication thanks to the detection of impulses generated by the human brain that are interpreted as symbolic code for scanning communication tables. This is particularly useful in all people with serious difficulties in verbal communication, but with a conserved conscience.


Montecatone Rehabilitation Institute

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